Wizard Of Oz font

image of the official Wizard Of Oz font

The font that most closely resembles the text used in the Wizard Of Oz movie, is a typeface by the name of Oz’s Wizard. This is a hand-drawn font by the well known and respected font author Mario Arturo and is based on the 1900 version of the movie by L. Frank Baum. The download package includes x3 variations that you can play around with and experiment with to find the perfect fit for your graphic design project.

In a nice touch to the original movie, these three font variations (all in TTF font format) are named as follows: Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Woodman.

About the The Wizard of Oz

While the American musical film The Wizard of Oz is now regarded as one of the best films of all time, winning two Academy Awards after its release and more recently being selected by the US Library of Congress to be preserved in the National Films Registry, the film actually failed to make a profit on its initial 1939 release. It was not until a re-release in 1949 that the film broken even, partly due to its massive $3 million budget which was a huge amount for that time period.


Wizard Of Oz font generator

Use the tool below to create your own Wizard Of Oz inspired image, using a font, color, and size to match your needs. Enter your text, and then click the Generate button to get going :)


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