Wood Font Generator

image of the official Wood Font Generator

Wood fonts have been around for a few centuries. They originated from China and were used for creating prints and advertisements. The reason why they are called wood fonts is that the letters were carved into pieces of wood before being used as a stamp. This made things much easier for producing multiple written pieces in quick succession. These days wood fonts can be found on a variety of different things from invitations and cards to art installations. And now, with our wood font generator tool, you can create your own wood theme design exactly as you like it.

Wood Text Generator

Creating a wood style design is simple and free. All you need to do is select your font size and font style, then pick two colors, one for the background and another for the font. Add in your desired text and hit generate. Then you can download your creation and apply it to your own work. Whether you need this for an art project, poster, or invitation, a wood typeface is bound to help give your work an extra visual boost. Not only is our wood text generator tool free to use, but it’s also unlimited so create as many fonts as you like, there are thousands of possible combinations so get creative.


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