Zelda font

image of the official Zelda font

The Zelda font that most closely resembles the logo used in the Zelda video-game by Nintendo is a typeface by the name of The Wild Breath of Zelda. It was created by the design team at Chequered Ink Fonts and was first released to the general public as a Freeware Font on 8th March 2017. Below is a screenshot of this font.

There are also several other fonts that are also very similar to the lettering used in the original Zelda logo, these are: Hylia-Serif-Beta-Regular.ttf, Hylian-64.ttf, Triforce.ttf, and Hylian-Symbols.ttf. (Triforce is our personal favorite as its a very close replica to the original logo lettering, you can see a screenshot of the characters below). We have packaged up all of these (including The-Wild-Breath-of-Zelda.ttf) into a single compressed file download which you can access for free via the link below.

About the Zelda video-game and Logo Lettering

It all started when Ganon laid his hands on the Triforce of Power, one of the magical artifacts that are left behind by the three goddesses that created Hyrule. To prevent Ganon from getting the Triforce of Wisdom and destroy the kingdom, Princess Zelda decided to split it into eight pieces and hid them in secret dungeons. Princess Zelda was first introduced in the original 1986 Nintendo Legend of Zelda Game. Zelda’s story role is often helping Link, the courageous young Hylian to defeat Ganon and save the kingdom.


Zelda font generator

Create your own unique designs inspired by the Japanese Nintendo game by creators Mr Shigeru Miyamoto and also Mr Takashi Tezuka. Bring your creations to life with the Zelda Font Generator tool below - it includes a total of x5 ttf fonts to play and experiment with:


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