image of the official Easter Font Generator

Last Updated: 10 November 2022

Easter may only come once per year, but easter fonts can be used all year round! Easter fonts are known for their bright and bubbly appearance making them a great choice for celebrations and invitations. These fonts are used on greeting cards, shop advertisements, and these fonts can even be found on many different websites out there. And thanks to our easter font generator tool, creating your own easter-inspired font has never been easier. These easter fonts will help to give any project that extra bit of warmth and magic that will draw people in.

Easter Text Generator

Using our easter text generator tool is very quick. It can be done in just a couple of minutes. Start by putting the text that you’d like to turn into an easter font in the box below. Choose a font style and font size that best suits your needs. Select two colors, one is for the background and the other is for the font itself. Once that’s done, hit generate. Now you have your own easter font that can be downloaded and used wherever you see fit. Our font generator tool is free to use and there’s no cap on how many times you can use it, so create as many different designs as you like!


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