Webdings font

image of the official Webdings font

The Webdings font is a typeface that has been included in all Microsoft operating systems since the release of Windows 98. The original author of this typeface is a designer by the name Vincent Connare, who is also the very same author of the famous Trebuchet MS and Comic Sans typefaces.

Webdings is an extension of the previously release Wingdings font, and includes many different dingbat or icon glyphs which can be used in various web applications (hence the name). The icons included in the typeface are more detailed than it’s predecessor which has led to it’s widespread use within the graphic and web design community. Some of the most popular glyphs included in the Webdings typeface include: male and female icons, headphones, bird, fish, dog, and trophy.

Webdings Chart

You can download the Webdings font for free by clicking on the link below.


Webdings font generator

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